Person Outside Using Archery Supplies To Aim At Targets - 2-10
10 February 2016

5 Tips For Shooting Long Distance

How To Improve Your Long Range Shot

Person Outside Using Archery Supplies To Aim At Targets - 2-10Are you interested in improving your long range? While shooting over 40 yards was unheard of in the past with a compound bow, the times have changed. Because archery equipment and bows have become more advanced with recent technology, many hunters are looking to shoot at a further range. While it is not necessary to shoot that far, it may be a fun challenge that you want to try. If this is the case, take a look below at several great tips to help you increase that range.

1. Maintain the proper form

Remember that your stance is everything. If you make the slightest mistake it will affect your accuracy. When you work on your stance make sure that you do what is comfortable whether that is standing or kneeling. If you stand, you want to make sure that your feet are stable, so you don’t want your feet to be too close together. The best width is shoulder width. If kneeling helps, you can practice this position, yet know that it can become tiring and you may begin to shake. Continue practicing, as the more practice you get in, the easier it will become.

2. Pay attention to your grip

Another important factor to pay attention to when practicing to shoot long range is your grip. A bow with a thinner grip is a good choice because it will have less torque, which means better accuracy. You want to make sure that you don’t hold onto the bow too tightly. You want to relax your grip.

3. Make an anchor point

When you draw your bow back into a full draw, you want to create an anchor point that you can always return to. If you aren’t sure where this is for you yet, the best way to find it is by practicing. The most important aspect of finding this spot is where you’re comfortable in your draw and can easily come back to that point shot after shot.

4. Don’t forget to breathe

If you are new to shooting you may look through the peep sight and hold your breath. Seeing your target so far away may make you nervous and could cause you to hold your breath in concentration. But be aware of this. When you don’t breathe you will lose mental focus and even your visual accuracy will decrease. So when you are getting ready to shoot your arrow, be sure to breathe evenly.

5. Be confident

If you are new to shooting, you may not feel like confidence comes naturally. Of course, this may seem difficult to do. Yet knowing that you are not alone may help. Did you know that most archers do not worry about holding the pin steady or controlling the sight picture? There are so many other variables that will affect your shot, such as what the animal will do or the elements of nature. The most you can do is be confident in the execution of your shot. So rather than worrying about the perfect time to shoot, simply be confident in having the proper form and executing your shot the best you can.


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