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25 January 2016

5 Secrets That WIll Improve Your Accuracy In Archery

How To Improve Your Archery Skills

Guy With Blonde Hair Outside Using Archery Supplies - 1-25Anyone can learn archery. Whether you are young or old, male or female, everyone starts somewhere. So if you are just learning how to shoot, we are happy to give you some tips that will help you improve your technique.

1. Balance Is Important

When you are first learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, you will practice having the correct form. This is because form is essential to shooting well. One aspect of proper form is how you hold your bow and keeping a steady balance. Many people think about pulling the bowstring back, but often forget to keep tension on the other arm as well. Without balancing both your pulling and your pushing arms, you could jerk or flinch after releasing a shot. When you are balanced the bow should fall forward after a release.

2. Be Prepared

Archery is about more than just shooting an arrow with a bow. It’s about being prepared for anything. When you go out to practice or hunt, make sure that you have everything you need. This includes all of your archery equipment such as your spare gear, bowstring accessories, hat, sunblock, rain gear, etc. You will also want to check the straightness of your arrows and other important factors to check before setting out.

3. Have The Right Archery Equipment

Having the right archery equipment is vital to shooting well. You will want to have all the necessary accessories that will improve your skill and help you shoot accurately. Make sure that you have the most important accessories including:

4. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Archery is a much of a mental practice as it is a physical practice. Many archers train their bodies to be physically fit so they can hold their bow steady, run if they need to, etc. Yet, archery is also a mental practice because it takes focus and a positive mindset. Making mistakes is inevitable. So if you want to become great at archery, you have to be able to let those mistakes go and learn from them. Archery also takes persistence and determination. You can’t lose faith after several bad shots. You have to keep practicing until you begin making your targets. One of the best ways to do this is to relax. Before each shot, take a calm inhale to clear your mind and focus before you release the bowstring.

5. Mental Visualization Really Helps

Before you go hunting, practice mental visualization. This is a practice that many high level national athletes participate in. When you mentally visualize your goals then you realize that you will do what it takes to achieve that outcome. Another way to help increase this visualization is to use a physical reminder. To do this, practice a few shots, then use a physical reminder to associate making the target. It may take time, but eventually, the physical reminder such as holding your fingers together will help you remember the feeling of making your shot.


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