Increase Your Hunting Success Using Bowstring Silencers

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Hunters of All Skill Levels Can Benefit From Silencers

For any hunters, one of the most important aspects of success is the element of surprise. Some prefer bow hunting rather than using other weapons because it not only requires a unique skillset, it also doesn’t generate massive noise levels. However, as quiet as the twang of a bow is on the practice range, when you’re in a forest tracking an animal, the snap of a bowstring can scare off your target. By using bowstring silencers, you’ll dampen the sound of vibration, giving yourself more chances in case you miss.

Take Advantage of High Quality Archery Supplies

Other than bowstring silencers and dampeners, we also offer other archery supplies like string leeches, D loop material, and bowstring wax. String leeches provide another way to dampen sound from string vibration without adding much weight. The more you use your bow, you want to make sure you’re adding longevity to your bowstrings by regularly applying bowstring wax. This helps to not only keep the small fibers from fraying, but also resist moisture and prevent dryness.

Our Bowstring Construction Method

At ProLine Bowstrings, we only use the highest quality BCY blended fibers. Our proprietary method involves precisely calibrated pneumatic air machines that eliminate creep, serving separation, and peep rotation. This means each bowstring we make provides the highest levels of performance and durability.