Man Using Archery Supplies and Aiming Crossbow Outside - 2-15
15 February 2016

6 Rules That Will Make You A Better Archer

Top Archery Equipment And Tips For Shooting Better

Man Using Archery Supplies and Aiming Crossbow Outside - 2-15Are you ready to enhance your archery skills? The two main factors that give an archer an upper hand are their equipment and their skill. When you have the right equipment and accessories, you can begin to practice, working on your form so that you can learn to shoot well. Take a look below at a few rules that will help you improve your skills.

1. Use The Right Archery Equipment for Accuracy

Having the right archery equipment such as accurate, quality bowstrings and accessories is crucial to shooting well. From crossbow strings to peep sights, silencers and more, you will want to make sure that you have the necessary equipment to excel.

2. Practice Good Form

Remember that having good form is what counts the most, next to having the right equipment. Everything from your stance, to the way you hold the bow, your grip, your draw and follow through, etc. will determine the accuracy of your shot.

3. Watch The Arrow

After you release your arrow you don’t want to drop your arms. You should keep your eye on the arrow through your site-pin and watch until it reaches its target. Practicing this will help with a better follow-through. It will also help you to not drop your arms too soon.

4. Practice in Low Light

If you only practice during the day then you will be used to shooting in good lighting. However, when you go hunting you may be out in low lighting, whether it’s a gloomy day or you stay out later in the evening. To help make sure that you can hit your targets in low lighting, set up some practice sessions during this time to optimize your shooting range.

5. Know How To Stay Hidden

The key to staying hidden from deer, elk, etc. is having back cover to hide your shadow. You don’t have to climb a tree to bow hunt. Whether you want to wear a ghillie suit or hide behind a tree, you can find ways to be discreet so you aren’t spotted.

6. Shoot From Your Knees

If you haven’t tried shooting from your knees, this is a good position to practice. It will not only hide your shape and get you out of site, but it also helps you maintain a good posture for an accurate shot.

7. Shoot With A Friend

Most bow hunters like shooting alone. However, having a friend to go with can be an advantage. When you hunt with a friend you can use strategies to hunt such as splitting up or working together so one person gets the opportunity to make a shot.

8. Call and Rattle

Another tactic you can use when hunting is calling to the deer or buck. However, before you do this make sure you know how to read the specific animal’s body language so you can know when to back off or when to get aggressive.

Use these tips next time you practice or go hunting to hit your target. Of course, if you have additional questions about bowstrings or other archery equipment, we will be happy to help.


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