Why Choose ProLine Bowstrings?

By implementing innovative methods of building and testing our products and materials, we create truly top of the line bowstrings for archers of all skill levels. We are committed to manufacturing the best performing bowstrings and cables on the market.


How Our Bowstrings Are Made

All of our strings/cables undergo a thorough layout process that is not only unique to ProLine BowStrings, but is also unlike anything in the industry. The serving, twisting and tensioning are air automated to ensure an equal twist throughout the entire length. Every piece that leaves our facility is measured for length to within .015625”.

We provide the absolute tightest tolerances in the string industry. All of our tensioning and serving is done by perfectly calibrated pneumatic air machines. This enables us to produce the most consistent and balanced string that money can buy. We back all of our products with a 12-month warranty against any serving separation, peep rotation, and creep.

Man Shooting An Arrow with His New Custom Bowstrings

Unmatched Performance

Our bowstrings are built to fit all of your needs using the most state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing techniques in our industry. With our Proprietary construction methods, we stand at the highest peak of performance and dependability.

Ultimate Bowstring Materials

We build unmatched products with blended fibers by BCY known as 452X or BCY X Material. The materials contain the highest grade of Dyneema available in bowstring fibers and is blended with just the right amount of vectran to achieve unparalleled performance.

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proprietary construction

Proprietary Construction

We use a proprietary construction method that eliminates the creep from the materials. Our commitment to our per strand process elevates us to the top mark of performance.

Bowstrings Built In the USA

Our bowstrings are assembled right here in the USA, by hand. This is just another way to ensure that you have the greatest product on the market.

Proline Bowstrings Are Built In the USA

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