Bowstring Wax

Use Bowstring Wax To Increase Your Bowstring’s Durability

You’ll get the most out of your bowstrings by using these bowstring wax products.

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Sustained Performance From Your Bowstrings

Bowstrings are composed of a number of tightly wound synthetic fibers. These are what generate tension when you draw back your bowstring. Each time you take a shot, the fibers will vibrate intensely, and over time this leads to wear and tear on the bowstring itself. When you start to notice a hairy or frayed appearance on your bowstring, it’s actually smaller pieces broken or snapped fibers. To give your bowstrings more durability, you should regularly be using bowstring wax. The wax keeps bowstrings from fraying, while also protecting them from moisture exposure and from becoming stiff and dry.

Professional Grade Archery Supplies

Besides bowstring wax and premium grade bowstrings, ProLine also provides a number of other archery accessories that can benefit archers at all skill levels. For hunters, seasoned or otherwise, we have peep sights, silencers, and string leeches that can help maintain stealth out in the field. We also have D loop material and string kisser buttons. Regardless of your specific needs, ProLine Bowstrings is the destination.

Why ProLine Bowstrings Are Unique

ProLine Bowstrings are designed and assembled in the United States, and all by hand. using state of art technology and manufacturing techniques. ProLine utilizes a completely unique and exclusive construction method that ensures you’re getting no creep and no peep rotation during drawback. The strings themselves have an equal twist throughout the entire length, which is done using a specially calibrated pneumatic air machine. All our products are backed by a 12 month warranty to ensure quality.