Crossbow Strings

ProLine CrossBow Strings Provide Precision and Power

Browse through a superior selection of crossbow strings and find your fit.

Why ProLine Bowstrings?

Built right here in the USA, ProLine’s bowstrings are crafted with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. We use a blended BCY fiber material called X Material with the highest grade of Dyneema available on the market. Our strings are served, twisted, and tensioned with exact precision to ensure an absolute equal amount of twist throughout the string. Every cable we create is measured within .015625”, as we insist upon upholding the highest levels of precision in the market. Rest assured, ProLine offers the highest quality bowstrings to up your game to the next level. After the production of each string we ask, would I use this on my own bow? The answer must be “yes.”

Finding the Right Fit

As leaders in the archery and bowstring industry, we’ve come to appreciate the fact that every archer is different. Everyone has a different bow preference and you deserve bowstrings that fit that preference perfectly. We offer many options for bowstrings including different fits for different bow types and colors to match your personality.Your crossbow strings should be directly suited to you.

Quality Archery Equipment

Our team has a passion for helping archers improve their game so they can excel at their sport and have more fun. We know that top performance doesn’t end with high quality bowstrings. Complementary accessories and archery equipment play a major role in your skill, so it’s our priority to provide exceptional archery equipment products like crossbow sights. We also offer high quality silencers, D loop material and bowstring wax.