Our History

About Our Custom Bowstrings Company

We started off with a drive to provide the highest quality product that the archery industry has ever seen. Determination drove us to achieve the highest of every quality possible by developing a unique process that sets us apart from our competitors. From string quality to customer service, you will immediately understand why we are the best. We knew that there were some extremely high standards set in the industry, but we also knew that we could surpass those standards. So we set out to achieve just that.

About Our Archery Supplies

Over the last several years, we have proven that we are second to none. We have established a great dealer base, and connected with several bow manufacturers as their stock string of choice! Our customers are the most discerning and demanding target archers and bowhunters from around the world. Time and time again, they always choose ProLine Bowstrings as their string of choice. 

Become a Pro with our archery supplies today.