Longbow and Recurve Bowstrings

Choosing The Best Longbow and Recurve Bowstrings

Explore ProLine’s extensive collection of longbow and recurve bowstrings.

Why Our Bowstrings?

Unlike most bowstring manufacturers in the market, ProLine puts a heavy emphasis on superior production. Our manufacturing process ensures that every single cable has an equal twist throughout the entire length, and we provide the tightest tolerances in the industry. Because of our specifically calibrated pneumatic air machines, we can guarantee that you’ll have no serving separation, no peep rotation, and no creep. This promise of quality means you can focus more on enjoying the sport and practicing your archery skills.

Using The Bowstring That Works for You

We know better than most that archery is about strength, precision, and dedication. As you progress in the sport, or even if you’re just beginning, you need to use high-quality products that make your actions smoother and more consistent. Your experience is also dependent on the type of bow you use. If you are using a more traditional approach, ProLine manufactures premium recurve bowstrings that will enhance every aspect of your sport. Our state of the art manufacturing process produces the most consistent and balanced string you can find.

Elevate Your Archery Experience

ProLine gives each customer access to a number of valuable archery supplies and accessories that can increase your enjoyment of the sport, including recurve bow sights. Also, to help you generate a stronger, more efficient drawback, we sell D-loop material. This can be used to increase grip, which in turn means your release will lead to a truer, more precise shot.