D Loop Material

Benefit Your Shot and Your Bowstring With D Loop Material

By using D Loop materials, you can help extend bowstring life and have more consistent shot placement.

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How D Loop Material Elevates Your Sport

D loops can help archers in a number of ways, so using the right D loop material is important. After going through the process of tying your ideal string loop size, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your arrow will no long come off the string when you let down. Also, because you’re no longer creating friction directly on the bowstring (with your fingers or a release), there is going to be less string wear. The angle of the string is also eliminated, giving you more consistent shot grouping and accuracy.

Using A Wide Array of Archery Supplies

D Loop material is only one of the archery supplies that ProLine carries. We cater to archers who participate in different sport, whether it’s hunting or competition. Our silencers and string leeches give you more autonomy when tracking animals, and archery accessories like our string kisser buttons will help with your shot precision. Regardless of your archery objectives, we carry the supplies needed to truly enjoy the experience.

The ProLine Bowstrings Guarantee

Because of our unique manufacturing process, we’re able to provide the tightest tolerances in the entire string industry. We can guarantee that each string we sell will have no peep rotation, no creep, and absolutely no serving separation.