Use Custom Bowstrings to Be Sure The Quality and Stability are Just Right
15 July 2016

Why Use Custom Bowstrings?

The Many Benefits of Using Custom Bowstrings

If you’re a bowstrings amatuer, you might not realize how big of a difference custom bowstrings can make. While in the beginning you probably won’t need advanced bowstrings to learn the ins-and-outs of archery, once you’ve graduated from your training bow a custom bowstring should be at the top of your wish list.

Not only do custom bowstrings come in a variety of colors and endless combinations, they can also increase your bow’s performance. You can eliminate peep rotation and creep as well as rely on the stability of a pre-stretched string. You customized it, so you know it is made from the highest quality materials by the best craftsman in the bowstrings industry.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a brief look into the many benefits of custom bowstrings:

Pre Stretched

Our custom bowstrings are pre stretched. Serving, twisting, and tensioning are all air automated for equal twist throughout the entire string and optimal performance. You won’t need to worry about peep rotation and creep because our pre stretch process eliminates most cases. Of course, if you do experience any malfunction with your bowstrings we have a 12 month warranty for any serving separation, peep rotation, and creep. You won’t need to worry about shooting perfectly straight one day and shooting crooked the next.

Additionally, you won’t need to worry about helping your bowstrings settle. The worst part of getting a new bowstring is making the 100 shots to get the string just right. Custom bowstrings are pre stretched so they settle much faster, after about only 10 shots.


Custom bowstrings are pre stretched so they also promise stability. You won’t need to worry about your string stretching, because it’s already been stretched. Of course, as your bowstrings get old with wear they won’t perform as if they were new. However, you won’t need to constantly adjust the tension as unstretched bowstrings wear thin.

This stretch is eliminated promising constant results. While you might hear tales about seventy pound bowstrings only drawing sixty pounds, you won’t need to worry as your fifty pound bowstring will continue to draw fifty pounds. Stability is necessary for any archer. Secure stability by using custom bowstrings.

High Quality Material

Professional bowstring makers know what materials best for each application, promising the best results every time. Custom making and tweaking bowstrings for each individual bow can make a huge difference in performance. While we can’t promise results, most archers who switch from generic to custom bowstrings experience an increase of 2-5 feet per second with the biggest increase being 13 feet per second.


While it doesn’t affect performance, customizing your bowstrings’ colors is definitely the most exciting part of selecting your custom bowstrings. There are endless colors that create infinite design possibilities. You’ll find picking is the hardest part of the process. You can choose a solid color or combine three. With so many ways to customize your bow, why not add some color to your bowstrings.


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