Caring for Your Archery Supplies Properly Will Help You Hit the Bullseye
20 July 2016

Must Know Care Tips for Archery Supplies

How to Care for Your Archery Supplies

Caring for Your Archery Supplies Properly Will Help You Hit the Bullseye

Like any tool or machine, your compound bow and archery supplies require maintenance and care to function properly. Even when you’re not regularly using your bow you should be doing regular check ups. In fact, that is when your archery supplies require the most maintenance. When your compound bow and other archery supplies are improperly stored they can lose accuracy, crack, stretch, and become otherwise damaged. To retain the integrity of your archery supplies, here are 6 must know tips for care and maintenance.

1. Regularly Inspect Archery Supplies for Damage

With every shot your bow can crack. With every draw your string can stretch. It is important to regularly inspect your archery supplies and fix small problems before they become giant issues. With regular inspection you can spot and correct small fissures before your bow snaps in two in the field. There is no need for unpleasant surprises, especially when they can be avoided.

2. Regularly Replace Strings

Bowstrings are put under extreme duress and are in a constant state of tension. This means that over time, they will wear out and underperform. Most manufacturing companies recommend replace your bowstring every 12-18 months or every 2,500 shots. This way your bowstring remains tight and your arrows shoot at optimal performance every time.

3. Never “Dry Fire”

If you’re looking for a fail proof way to damage your bow, this is the way to do it. When you fire your bow the weight of the arrow slows the string and cushions the shock, preventing damage to the structure. While dry firing won’t result in irreparable damage every time, it is something you’ll want to avoid it at all costs.

Dry firing has three potential outcomes. The worst case scenario is snapped cables, broken limbs, and flying debris. Best case scenario, there is no noticeable damage. However, the most likely consequence is a broken string and no other damage. If you accidentally dry fire your bow, bring it into an archery supplies repair shop where they have resources to closely inspect your bow before firing again.

4. Store in Case

It’s both proper care and legally required for you to carry your compound bow in a case. It can be a soft case that zippers or a hard case with a lock. A case will keep your compound bow from being damaged during transport as well as keep you from getting a ticket.

5. Regularly Wax Bowstring

During peak season, you should wax your bow at least once a week. You should always use a soft bowstring wax to lightly wax your strings and synthetic cables. If your wax ever hardens, do not use it. Reheating the wax will create enough heat to stretch and damage the cables.

6. Unstring Your Bow

Always unstring your bow when you aren’t using it. Bows place extreme tension on their cables to propel arrows forward, but this tension can overstretch and wear down the string’s strength over time. By unstringing your compound bowstring you are increasing the string’s lifespan and optimizing performance.


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