Archery Supplies to get you ready for winter hunting season
20 August 2016

Best Archery Supplies For Hunting This Winter

Even in today’s busy world, people still find ways to escape the noise and enjoy nature’s many offerings. Whether it’s a day at the beach, exploring various hiking trails, or simply driving through the country, there is something unmistakably calming about connecting again with nature. As the fall and winter roll around, this also means that hunting season is going to open up in various states. Depending on where you live, the ‘open season’ will vary, but this is a very exciting time of year for bow hunters.

Archery Supplies To Stock Up On For Hunting In The WinterArchery Supplies to get you ready for winter hunting season

Whether it’s a tradition passed down in your family, or you’re trying it out as a new sport, archery and hunting is primarily a sport of skill. That being said, it has also become more accessible to the masses due to more efficient archery supplies. Bows themselves are not as difficult to operate, the the various accessories can help even a beginner enjoy the experience. If you’re preparing for the open season this winter, it’s important to have enough archery supplies that will keep you out on the hunt.


Even if you’ve just bought a brand new bow, you don’t ever want to find yourself in a situation in the wild, or even right before a long weekend trip, where you current bowstrings break or are on the verge of breaking. It’s safe to say that there might not be more important archery supplies than the bowstrings themselves. Fortunately, many suppliers and manufacturers make custom bowstrings available to consumers. You can choose the right type for your particular bow, and even select whichever colors you want!


As much as humans like to consider themselves a dominant species, in nature the playing field is much more leveled. Walking through the woods and tracking any animal needs to be done with delicacy, as any sudden noises might scare off a nearby target. This is where silencers can really benefit you. When you release an arrow, the natural ‘twang’ noise from the tightly wound strings is surprisingly loud, especially in a deftly quiet environment. Bowstring silencers greatly reduce and muffle the noise, so even if you miss with your first shot, you’ll have a chance to rebound without your target knowing you’re there.

Bowstring Wax

In terms of archery supplies that provide maintenance and upkeep, bowstring wax is going to keep your equipment in sterling condition. This material can be applied generously on your bowstrings, and rubbed in for good measure. This helps prevent fraying, since the wax will work to keep the bow strings intact. Especially in extreme weather conditions, bowstring wax can do you a lot of favors.

Peep Sights and Kissers

In terms of hitting your mark, hunting is still a very skill based sport. That being said, if you have any archery supplies that enhance your accuracy even the slightest, it could make the difference between a successful hunting trip or coming home empty handed. Peep sights and kissers sit on your bowstring, and give you better way to gauge the power of your shot, along with its eventual landing spot.

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