Archer with a lot of Supplies to go Hunting With
26 October 2016

Archery Equipment Every Hunter Needs

Archer with a lot of Supplies to go Hunting WithArchery Equipment A Hunter Might Need

Bowhunting takes the skill needed to be a successful archer and provides the additional challenge of being in the wilderness and tracking game. Those who choose to use a bow and arrow as their primary tool (as opposed to firearms) might do so for various reasons, but there isn’t anything comparable to the experience. Depending on what type of bow you own or end up using (crossbow, traditional, compound, or recurve), there are still going to be a number of other pieces of archery equipment and accessories that can help you either prior to or during your hunt. The better prepared you are (from an equipment standpoint and from a skill standpoint), the more likely you are to have a fun time with whoever you’re with!


The actual bowstrings you choose to use are just as important as the bow itself. When looking for what type of bow strings to get, the way they’re actually made goes a long way towards their durability and effectiveness. Ideally, you want your bowstrings and the additional cables to be constructed with materials from a reputable brand such at BCY. The bowstrings need to be built in such a way that leads to an equal twist throughout the entire length of the string (not just in the area of drawback). Any bowstrings you end up purchasing shouldn’t have any serving separation, no peep rotation, and absolutely zero creep. There are manufacturers that provide this with a guarantee, so you shouldn’t be buying your bowstrings from any places that can’t offer that level of quality. The better your bowstrings, the better your shot, and the more you’ll enjoy your hunting experience!

Ways To Increase Your Accuracy

Once you feel confident that you have the right bowstrings and quality arrows, you should start looking at different accessories and equipment that can help increase the accuracy of every shot. A great low-cost starting point is a peep sight. Even though a lot of new bows will come with a peep sight already installed, they do come in a variety of sizes. Play around with a few different types to find one that works best for the way you shoot. You can also change the peep sight depending what activity you’re engaging in. For hunting in particular, low light makes accuracy much more difficult, so a bigger peep sight will help you find your target faster and easier.  

3-D Targets

Practice makes perfect in any sport, and archery is certainly no exception to this rule. Besides getting out on the range, you can also practice in a setting that simulates what it might be like to actually hunt in the wilderness. When you’re shooting in the woods, it’s a completely different experience than on the range, so it’s good to put yourself in that situation. A great investment for a hunter at any skill level is a 3-dimensional target in the likeness of the game you’ll be going after. If you have a wooded backyard, place the target in some tricky spots and practice shooting from various heights. This will help provide you with a better simulated experience than on the range.

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