20 November 2016

How To Get The Right Archery Supplies

archery-supplies-very-important-for-accuracyArchery can be a group activity, a solo experience, competitive, recreational, and pretty much anything in between. Most important, it should be as enjoyable as possible, and a lot of this comes down to having the right archery supplies at any given time. However, if you’re relatively new to the sport, you might be asking yourself just exactly how to you know what the ‘right’ supplies are?

Choosing Archery Supplies That Will Enhance Your Experience

If you have some close family or friends who are also into archery, start by asking them about their preferences in terms of available equipment and what types of activities they enjoy participating in. Some people could simply enjoy going to the range every so often, while others might be active in archery competitions! Regardless, here are a few tips to help you get the supplies that are right for you.

Start With Basic Practice

Like any sport, archery is going to be more enjoyable the better you are at it, especially as you try more activities.When you buy your first bow, talk to the staff about good ranges nearby (or near your home) that you can visit on a regular basis to practice. It’s important to work on the fundamentals, which will help you develop a style of shooting that you’re comfortable with. This is also a great opportunity to start recognizing where you might need some help in terms of possible accessories or equipment.

Basic Add-Ons

There are a couple of basic archery supplies that nearly any archer can benefit from. Firstly, you have different items that will help impact the way you draw back your string. A lot of archers utilize an accessory called a ‘mechanical release’. Rather than pulling back the bowstring with just your fingers, the mechanical release is what grasps onto the string, and then you simply pull a trigger to release the string and arrow. This helps with the consistency of a person’s release. However, the downside is that it can wear down your bowstring faster. To help counter this, you can do a couple of things. Firstly, instead of a mechanical release, consider something like D-loop material, which can also be used as a means of drawing back the bowstring. This doesn’t put as much strain on the string. Additionally, regardless of your method, you should always be using bowstring wax. This should be rubbed into the bowstring itself (but not near the mechanical functions). This will help keep the very intricate fibers together longer, especially in varying weather conditions, which will also give you a more consistent shot.  

Improve Your Accuracy

If you plan on moving to more competitive arching or hunting, your accuracy is going to matter a lot more. Fortunately, there are a few different supplies available that will help. Firstly, peep sights (of varying sizes) can be used to give you the targeted approach you need on every shot. Experiment with a few different sizes to find one that helps you get the most consistently accurate shot. There are are a number of other attachable accessories like scopes, kissers, and silencers. Talk to your local supplier about other tools that could be helpful in terms of enjoying your archery experience even more.   

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