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20 January 2016

5 Archery Tips To Bring Your A-Game

Shoot Better, Have More Fun

Woman In White Using Archery Supplies In Large Field - 1-20Ready to hunt smarter? If you are looking for the best archery tips, we are here to help!  When you know how to hunt smarter, you will shoot better and have more fun. If you are new to archery or looking to brush up on the basics, we are here to give you a few “rules of thumb” to help you up your game and have a more successful season. Take a look below to see if you are aware of these basic rules that will help improve your game.

1. Accuracy is Key

Often, archers will focus on the lethality of speed, quietness of the bow, smoothness, etc. Yet, these factors mean nothing if you don’t have accuracy. No matter the type of bow and arrow you use, if you hit your target with perfect accuracy it will kill it.  Because accuracy matters most, you should get a bow that is easier to hold and more stable. These types of bows will be more forgiving if you make a mistake. However, if you are a more experienced shooter, you won’t need as much forgives and can invest in a bow that is lighter and faster.

2. The Right Archery Equipment Makes A Difference

When you are interested in shooting well, the right archery equipment is key to your success. Durable bowstrings that are made with high quality materials will give your bow the upper hand. You want to be sure that your bow is made to not only perform well, but also last.

3. Find The Right Bow For You

Make sure that when you are getting a bow, you don’t fall into the short bow/light bow trap. Many people say that a lighter, shorter bow is easier to carry and maneuver. Yet, a heavier bow is easier to shoot more accurately. So if you are a beginner, a heavier bow is the best way to go. Just because it’s heavier doesn’t mean it will be too hard to hold. This obviously depends on your size and your strength, but don’t shy away from a heavier bow if you need to practice your accuracy. Also, if you have trouble with accuracy, don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed.

4. Faster Is Better

We just mentioned that accuracy trumps speed. However, if you already have an accurate shot, faster is better. The biggest advantage to a faster shot is that the arrow can have a heavier head, which can make a difference in a non lethal shot.

5. Good Form Is Essential

When you practice shooting, make sure you practice good form as well. Having good form will increase your skill and help you aim more accurately. For example, you want to take a look at how you stand. Is your feet shoulder width apart and perpendicular to your target? What about your grip? You don’t want to grip your bow too tight. It should be relaxed. Also, when you take a full draw, find an anchor point where you can consistently draw to. There are many other details to pay attention to such as dropping your bow arm, not moving your head, etc.


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