The Right Bowstrings Can Help You Hit the Bullseye Every Time
15 August 2016

Tips for Hitting the Bullseye Every Time

How the Right Bowstrings and a Few Other Tips Can Improve Your Aim

The Right Bowstrings Can Help You Hit the Bullseye Every TimeThe goal of any archer is to hit the target, spot on. That’s the challenge that makes it fun. Sometimes your aim is directly related to your equipment, especially if you don’t have the best bowstrings or archery accessories. Other times, it’s minor tweaks that need to be made to your form. Use this as a guide to improving your shot and notice as you start hitting the bullseye more often.

Properly Fit Your Bow

Many novice archers don’t realize the importance of the size and weight of their bow. You should be able to comfortably hold your bow for at least 30 seconds without it feeling too heavy or as if you’re overstretching your arms. If it is uncomfortable, consider downsizing to a lighter weight or shorter length.

Invest in Custom Bowstrings

No only do you want high-quality bowstrings to assist in your shooting, but you also want ones that work for you. With custom bowstrings, you can select the color and type of bow strings that work well for your experience level and your unique way of shooting.

Check Your Grip

A tense grip will hinder the fluidity of the bow. You want your bow hand to lightly cradle the handle, rather than tightly grip it. At the same time, you don’t want an open hand. You also want to ensure that is comfortable and that you can hold the bow the same way on each shot, so you can build muscle memory.

Create an Anchor Point

Having little anchor points will help you set a precise shot. Anchor points can be things such as the bowstrings touching the tip of your nose and your hand against your cheek, or other similar indicators.

Stand Strong

Your stance is another key metric in determining if your arrow will precisely hit the target. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Engage your core muscles by drawing the belly button in and tucking your tailbone under. You can test your stance by having someone give you a little push and seeing if you can resist falling forward or backward. You can also play around with being exactly 90 degrees to the target or slightly turned.

Remember to Relax

As you’re setting your pin and pulling the bow back, you’ll naturally tense up a bit since you’re engaging many muscles while concentrating hard. Remember to breathe as you shoot and use your breath to enhance your accuracy. Many archers coordinate their inhale to drawing the bow back and exhale to releasing. FInd what works best for you.

Have Fun With it

Just as with anything, you need to have fun in order to succeed. Too much pressure to be perfect will only prevent you from advancing. With each shot, remember to have fun.

Accuracy doesn’t happen immediately. It takes hours of dedication to really get the hang of things and then build consistency. There is no one perfect formula to getting the shot every time, so you will have to experiment with what works best for you.


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