Archer finding best arrow for his bow
20 September 2016

Finding The Right Bowstrings For Your Style of Archery

While archery is definitely an extremely skill based sport, the equipment being used does play a factor in the quality of your experience. A seasoned archer will typically be able to have success with any type of bow that they’re presented with, but for the most part people should be using archery equipment that’s reliable, durable, and elevates their craft. Besides the type of bow you use, the bowstrings are also extremely important.

Archer finding best arrow for his bowKnowing Which Bowstrings To Invest In

Depending on how frequently you arch, you might be looking at a few different options for bowstrings. Some are better designed to fit certain lifestyles, so make sure you contact or visit some sort of archery experts who can answer any questions you have and provide ample guidance. In the meantime, here are a few different types of bowstrings available on the market.

Compound Bowstrings

Unlike the traditional bow, which is what’s commonly portrayed in fiction, compound bows take engineering to another level. Rather than just having a flexible shaft that stretches with string pullback, compound bows utilize an intricate system of pulleys, cables, and a levering system which aids in pull back. This mechanical advantage means the compound bow is more energy efficient that other bows. When looking at compound bow strings, you need to make sure they’re made the right way, and are the right type!

Think about it similar to how you would think about a higher-end car. When you go to refill your gas or change the oil, using the low-grade gasoline or generic oil is going to do your engine more harm than good. In order to care for the car properly, you need to use the higher tier to ensure better engine durability and performance. Bowstrings are no different when compared to which bow they’re used with. If you use lower grade strings and cables in a high-end compound bow, you simply won’t get the same results had you been using well designed, well crafted bowstrings.

The Bowhunter Series

A unique product, this type of bowstring was manufactured with the active archer in mind. Overuse is the norm for these archers, whether they’re regular hunters, competitors, or enthused hobbyists. These pre-made products come paired with cables, and are available for some of the most popular bow types and lengths. They come ready made, which makes them handy in a pinch, especially if you’re about to go out for a long hunting trip and won’t have access to any stores for a while. This set of strings and cables will keep you active no matter where you are or no mater when your current set wears down or breaks.

Taking Care Of Your Investment

No matter which type you end up buying, you don’t want to use and abuse them until they break or wear down. Taking care of your equipment will help your performance, which is why something like bowstring wax is a low cost investment on your part that prolongs the life of any bowstrings you’re using. It’s meant to hold the intricate fibers together for longer, which means they’ll stay stronger when you need them most.


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