Archer pulling on quality bowstrings
10 October 2016

How Much Do Bowstrings Matter In Archery?

Practice makes perfect with any sport, and archery is certainly no different. However, archery itself is a bit different than a number of other sports out there because it requires a very specific tool. The bow is vital to success in the sport, but it’s only one part of a larger ensemble that every archer needs.

Archer pulling on quality bowstringsBowstrings, Accessories, and Other Important Tools Of A Successful Archer

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned competitor, or you’re just getting started shooting arrows, you can’t expect the bow to do all the work for you. Taking care of your equipment, and investing a quality archery supplies is all going to help you get better and enjoy the sport more, whether you’re just practicing, competing, or out hunting.

Invest In Quality Bowstrings

Taking care of your bow is extremely important, and regular maintenance will keep it operating optimally. The bowstrings you choose to use will also go a very long way towards towards determining your performance moving forward. When looking for bowstrings to buy, the company that creates them should have a reputation for quality. Ideally, every bowstring should be constructed from quality fibers as made by a company like BCY. Superior performance comes from an equal twist throughout the entire length of the the string. A final check for any bowstrings you want to invest in should be no serving separation, absolutely zero creep, and no peep rotation. When all of this is paired with a quality bow, every drawback and subsequent shot is going to give you a better chance of hitting your target.

Silent Hunting

A common activity for a lot of archers out there is hunting. Each state is going to have its own rules and regulations regarding hunting season, and which types of animals are eligible. However, regardless of the type of game, maintaining a low profile is going to be vital towards hitting your mark or heading home empty handed. By attaching a silencer to your bowstring, you’re going to reduce the amount of noise that comes from the bow upon any released shot. Now, rather than scaring off any targets because of a made (or missed) shot, you’ll be able to quickly drawback again and take a second chance. Hunting is about taking advantage of moments presented to you, so having those extra few seconds can make all the difference.  

Get A More Consistent Shot

Tools were designed by humans to help make tasks easier, which is why so many archers utilize things like peep sights, custom grips, releases, and D loops. In their own way, each of these can improve the accuracy of your shot. For example, peep sights are an attachment that will help keep your front sight aligned whenever you drawback, allowing you to have more consistent shot grouping. D loops and releases are tools that help with drawback itself, so that you’re not just depending on your fingers or arm strength. Finally, custom grips are about making you comfortable with your bow. When all of these thing are combined in some capacity, they can lead to a more fun archery experience for anyone.

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