Proline Bowstrings best quality bowstrings
10 November 2016

Building Better Bowstrings: The Proline Process

Proline Bowstrings best quality bowstringsAny serious archer knows that the quality of the equipment being used is so important to the overall shooting experience. Whether you do it competitively, frequently hunt, or you’re trying to make it more of a consistent hobby, your bow isn’t the only thing that matters in when it comes to the tools you’re using. There are a few different bow types, including compound, longbow/recurve, and of course, crossbows. Besides the skill of the archer, each of these tools is very dependent on the quality of the bowstrings being used.

What Determines The Quality of Bowstrings?

At Proline, we recognize exactly how much of a difference a bowstring and the cables can make in terms of your archery experience. The accuracy of your shot, along with its power, and bowstring durability, all stem from how these bowstrings are made. Our process ensures that all of our customers can get the highest quality products available.

A Bit About Us

One thing that drives our business forward is our passion for archery in every regard. Regardless of when we started actually practicing the sport, we all love being so close to it on a regular basis. This helps us create some of the best bowstrings available for consumers thanks to our unique, proprietary process. However, it doesn’t just stop there, since our customer service is always about doing what’s best for each of our users. Archers of any skill level deserve the best possible products, which is what we set out to deliver day after day.

How We Make Our Bowstrings

We realized that, prior to starting our own company, a lot of the bowstrings on the market had some issues in terms of the way they’re made, and more importantly, the materials being used. We make sure to only use BCY materials for all our bowstring and cable construction. We trust that brand because of the fact that they consistently deliver on their promises in terms of quality. Next, we incorporate an entirely proprietary construction process. We use pneumatic air machines to serve and tension the strings, and in doing so can provide an equal twist along the entire length of the bowstring. As a means of quality control, we make sure that every piece is measured to within .015625” before it ever leaves the facility. Along with this, our guarantee is that customers won’t find any serving separation, no peep rotation, and zero creep. Just to be sure though, we also throw in a 12 month warranty, which is completely unique in this industry.

How Do You Choose The Right Bowstrings?

Well, there isn’t necessarily a ‘right’ answer to this question, since a lot of it does come down to preference. For starters, always go with bow style first. Next, if you’re unsure, you can talk to a local expert, or content someone at our team who can help provide insight as what you might need. Our goal is to help as many archers as possible enjoy a sport that we and they love.

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