At The Park To Test Out Archery Equipment
15 June 2016

Archery Equipment & Top 10 Summer Outdoor Hobbies

The Best Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Summer + Where to Buy Archery Supplies

At The Park To Test Out Archery EquipmentSummer is upon us and with the warm, pleasant weather that many of parts of the country experience during this time of the year, it is the perfect time of the year to be active outdoors. Whether you enjoy the challenge of archery or the workout offered by stand-up paddle boarding, there are many outdoor activities to try this summer. There are literally dozens of activities that can be enjoyed outdoors in the summer, however, in this blog post by ProLine BowStrings, we’ll go over 5 of the best outdoor activities for the summer.

  1. Archery
    While archery technically does not have to practiced outdoors––there are indoor archery ranges where people can shoot bows and arrows––it is traditionally an outdoor activity.  Archery is a challenging but immensely rewarding hobby that teaches patience and discipline. Because archery requires strict focus, it is a great leisure activity for clearing the mind, relieving stress, and diversion. Bowhunting, the practice of hunting wild game with archery equipment, is a popular form of hunting that offers a unique challenge for those who attempt it. Like other types of hunting, bowhunting can be highly seasonal in most areas, and there are often regulated seasons during which bowhunters can hunt.
  2. Birdwatching
    While not a mainstream activity, birdwatching is in fact a very real hobby with legions of nature enthusiasts who plan special trips all around the world to spot rare and unique species of birds. You hardly have to travel the globe to be an avid birdwatcher, however. The various regions and habitats found throughout the United States are home to hundreds of different bird species. Like hunting, birdwatching is a highly seasonal outdoor activity and the numbers and species of birds seen in any given area will vary greatly with the seasons.
  3. Stand up paddle boarding
    Made popular on the coasts of places like Hawaii and California, stand-up paddleboarding popularity has also spread to inland bodies of water. Essentially using a paddle to steer an oversized surfboard on calm water surfaces, stand up paddleboarding is both fun and a great upper-body workout. While stand up paddle boards are built for stability, part of the fun of stand up paddleboarding on a hot summer day comes from losing your balancing and falling in the water. Make sure you dress for water!
  4. Swimming
    Swimming is both great exercise and an extremely fun way to cool off. Whether you want to swim laps in a swimming pool or just splash around at the beach, swimming is the perfect summer activity. If you are not a strong swimmer, be sure not to go out too far from shore or in water that is too deep for you to stand up in. Many unlucky swimmers have drowned by going in over their head.
  5. Golfing
    If you don’t want to get wet and you don’t need a workout, try golf. While it may not offer a rigorous workout like swimming or stand-up paddleboarding, golf is a great leisure activity for summer. Once viewed as an exclusive activity for only the wealthy, golf is increasingly becoming a more popular sport among a wider demographic.
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