Young Woman Takes Aim with her Bow pulling the Bowstrings Tight
05 June 2016

7 Tips to Improve Your Archery Success

Archery Tips to Improve Accuracy and Hunting Success

Young Woman Takes Aim with her Bow pulling the Bowstrings TightArchery in general, and bowhunting in particular, offers a supremely rewarding challenge that requires skill, patience, and practice to master. While they might make it look easy, skilled archers spend countless hours practicing at the archery range and in the field to hone their skills. While practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, learning tips and proper techniques can go a long way towards improving your skills as an archer and as a bowhunter, thus dramatically increasing your success in the field. In this ProLine BowStrings blog post, we will go over some of the most effective tips that can help you improve your archery skills as well as your efficacy as a bowhunter. Are you interested in learning these tips and techniques? Great, then keep on reading.

Top 7 Tips For Archery and Bowhunting

Take into consideration the following tips, pointers, and techniques to improve your archery and bowhunting game.

Tip #1 Accuracy

Whether you’re a target archer or a bowhunter, having the best archery equipment in the world won’t make a difference if you can’t hit anything what you’re aiming at. Just like the saying, “it’s not the wand, it’s the wizard”, it is the accuracy of the archer, not that of his equipment, which makes him effective. To increase accuracy, an archer should find a bow that is suitable for his or her skill level and practice, practice, and practice!

Tip #2 Everything is a compromise

Unfortunately, when it comes to archery equipment, archery supplies, and archery techniques, you can’t have the best of everything. For example, shorter, lighter bows are often less accurate, than longer, heavier ones and light, fast arrows travel further but pack less of a punch than heavier arrows.

Tip #3 Don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed

While shooting with a high velocity is an important part of your overall archery game, it shouldn’t be at the expense of accuracy. An example of something to NOT do would be to crank your bow’s draw weight up in order increase the speed of the arrow. If you shoot more accurately at a lower draw weight, this is not a good idea.

Tip #4 Use bow accessories that will improve your accuracy

Regardless of your skill level, there are numerous accessories for your bow that can help you become a more accurate archer. Accessorize your bow setup.

Tip #5 Don’t give up weight and length at the expense of accuracy

As previously mentioned, the trend towards shorter and lighter bows is one that often comes at the cost of decreased accuracy. While such bows might be easier to carry and maneuver in the field, they are (with some notable exceptions) less accurate and lethal at longer ranges.

Tip #6 Watch the arrow after release

Keeping your eye on the arrow shaft all the way to the target using the sight-pin bracket promotes follow through-––and is good form.

Tip #7 Shoot to win

You don’t have to bet your life savings, but a friendly wager with a buddy can give you extra focus at full draw. Betting a quarter per arrow with friends makes for a fun competition of accuracy.

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