Personalized Orange and Black Bowstrings - 3-25
25 March 2016

5 Ways to Personalize Your Archery Equipment

It’s Your Archery Equipment. Own it.

Personalized Orange and Black Bowstrings - 3-25Back in the old days, bows were pretty straightforward––you had your basic bow rig, your arrows, and you were all set to go. Unless you actually made the bow yourself, your options for customizing it were fairly limited. While for many archers the state-of-the-art bows ready to go off the rack today need no further modification, many archers like to “trick out” their rigs, so to speak. These days, archery and bowhunting equipment suppliers offer a wide array of items and accessories that enable you to customize your out-of-the-box bows.

Generally speaking, those who bowhunt take great pride in their equipment so it is only natural that you want your rig setup to reflect your own tastes and preferences, right? Here are just a few ways you can customize your equipment to look and perform just the way you like.

5 Ways to Customize Your Archery Equipment:

1. Install Sights

Unless you possess the rare ability to shoot a compound bow without the aid of some sort of aiming instruments, you probably will want to equip your bow with sights. In addition to peep sights, there are a variety of modern sights that can tremendously improve your accuracy over longer distances including fixed-pin and movable-pin sights, pendulum sights, treestand sights, as well as fixed-plate and dovetail mounts that can also be installed on your bow. Many of these sights feature modern fiber optics that have special luminary qualities that aide in low-light situations.

2. Get Custom Bowstrings

Many of the top archers and bowhunters today prefer to outfit their bows with custom bowstrings. Not only can custom bowstrings offer superior performance, but they are also a great way to personalize your bow by choosing strings with your favorite colors. ProLine Bowstrings even allows you to choose the colors of your favorite sports team.

3. Add Noise-Dampeners

Many bowhunters outfit their bows with some sort of noise-dampening accessories to reduce the noise caused by the movement and vibration of the string itself as well as that of the limbs and stabilizers. More for functional purposes than anything else, these products help bowhunters keep the element of surprise on their side by lessening the snap or cracking-sound their bow makes when they loose an arrow.

4. Get Custom Arrows

If you want to take customization a step further, some archery supply companies even allow you to order custom arrows. While the wide variety of arrows readily available at various archery supply stores should do the trick for most, customizing arrows according to preferred length, arrowhead, and construction can add another element to your personalized archery array.

5. Stabilizers

While certainly optional, some archers like to use shoot with a stabilizer. While many people use stabilizers to reduce the noise and vibration of their bow, stabilizers, as their name suggests, help keep a bow stable and level. Many bow stabilizers are customizable, allowing the archer to add or remove length and weight according to their preferences and shooting style.

Custom Bowstrings And More

ProLine Bowstrings is a leading supplier of quality custom bowstrings and other archery-related accessories. All ProLine bowstrings undergo a proprietary and state-of-the-art manufacture process that gives them some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. Made of lightweight X material, ProLine bowstrings are made to deliver unmatched performance.


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