5-5 Old Man Pulling on One of His Bowstrings to Shoot at Target
05 May 2016

Bowstrings and more for your bow

Bowstrings and Archery Equipment for Sale

5-5 Old Man Pulling on One of His Bowstrings to Shoot at Target

Whether you’re a recreational archer, dedicated bowhunter, or all of the above, it is always a great idea to practice your beloved hobby using the very best archery equipment available. Fortunately for you, Sir (or Ma’am), ProLine BowStrings offers a huge selection of top-quality bowstrings and archery accessories such as Peep Sights, D Loop Material, Silencers, and bowstring wax to choose from.

Bowstrings by ProLine

ProLine BowStrings’ entire line of bowstrings undergo a detailed and comprehensive layout procedure that is unique among bowstring manufacturers. Because we believe that precision is of the utmost importance, each piece of string produced by ProLine BowStrings is measured to be within .015625 inches of the specified length. Perfectly-calibrated machines do all of the serving and tensioning in order to consistently produce the best quality bowstrings available on the market. To back up this bold claim, all ProLine BowStrings products come with a 1-year warranty that is good against serving separation, peep rotation, and creep.

Types of bows we sell bowstrings for:

ProLine BowStrings sells strings for various makes and models of bows.

Compound Bows

The most common type of bow used by recreational archers and bowhunters today is the compound bow. The compound bow uses a system of cables, cams, and pulleys to maximize the storage of energy when the bow is drawn.

Recurve Bows

Another style of bow construction is the bow. The limbs of a recurve bow curve away from the shooter when not drawn. These curves increase the amount of energy these bows can store compared to equivalent straight-limbed bows. Because recurve bows produce more energy per-length than straight-limbed bows, they can be shorter and were favored by hunters and archers on horseback and in forests environments.


This traditional type of bow is quite tall––often equal to the height of the archer–– and was historically used to great effect by English and Welsh archers in the middle ages. Today they are less common than compound bows and recurve bows.


Crossbows can be thought of in a sense as a cross between a conventional bow and a firearm. The bow is mounted horizontally on a stock and and is fired with the pull of a trigger or lever. Today, crossbows are increasingly popular among archers and bowhunters who favor their relative ease of use when compared to more traditional bows. The projectiles fired by crossbows are also shorter than the arrows shot by other types of bows and are known as ‘bolts’.

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