Everything You Need to Know About Archery Equipment
25 July 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Archery Equipment

What Exactly is Archery Equipment?

Everything You Need to Know About Archery Equipment

Archery has been gaining popularity with recent pop culture references in movie series like Avengers and the Hunger Games. More and more people want to try archery, but are still just as confused as to what archery entails and what archery equipment actually is. To help beginning archers, we’ve compiled a brief guide to archery equipment.


Every bow has it’s own type of bowstring and every type of bowstring is slightly different in design. Whether it be string length, width, color, etc., this piece of archery equipment is highly personalized to it’s bow.

Compound Bowstrings

Compound bowstrings are specially crafted for compound bows. A modern bow, it uses a levering system complete with cables and pulleys to bend the limbs. This mechanical advantage allows the compound bow greater performance than other archery equipment.

Longbow Bowstrings

Longbows are an extremely tall type of bow that is approximately the height of the archer. They are typically made from wood and don’t recurve. Longbow bowstrings must be incredibly long to accommodate the height of a longbow.

Recurve Bowstrings

Recurve bows curve away from the archer when unstrung and arch toward the archer when strung. This piece of archery equipment stores more energy and has more efficiency than an equal straight-limbed bow. However, this type of bow places a greater strain on the archery equipment because of the added tension.

Genesis Bowstrings

Genesis bows are a type of compound bowstring. Students predominately use it because it does not have a let off. Therefore, this type of bow requires a specialized genesis bowstring to accommodate for such modifications.

Crossbow Bowstrings

Crossbows were originally used as weapons of war. Invented by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1500, the large horizontal bow was mounted and could shoot projectiles great distances. Today the crossbow has been largely replaced by firearms in this capacity, but is still used for hunting sports. Crossbows are a very unique piece of archery equipment and therefore require their own custom crossbow string.

Bowstring Wax

An essential part of any archer’s archery equipment, bowstring wax maintains and extends the life of your bowstring by keeping the hair fibers together. Your bowstring should be waxed frequently with some people waxing everyday after use. However, the general rule is to wax your bowstring once a week or when you see hairs on the string.


This piece of archery equipment is essential for avid hunters. Silencers reduce vibration, dampen the string, and muff all cable noise. This way no one else in the forest will able to hear or feel your presence and you won’t be given away by the sound of your bow.

D Loop Material

D loops are essential for modern archers. They almost eliminate string wear, reduce arrow pinch, and minimize group sizes. With this piece of archery equipment you’ll find your stats improving instantly.

Peep Sights

Peep sights help you aim your arrow. The larger the peep sight, the easier to see through but the less accurate. Smaller peep sights are harder to see through but provide pin-point accuracy.


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