Using Archery Supplies At An Archery Range - 1-10
10 January 2016

7 Best Tips And Archery Equipment For Shooting Long Range

Archery Techniques That Will Increase Your Range

Using Archery Supplies At An Archery Range - 1-10Do you want to improve your range when shooting a bow and arrow? If you are looking to make a shot over 40 yards, there are several techniques to learn. To shoot long range, the right archery equipment is essential. Are you are ready for some tips that will help you make long distant shots?

1. Make sure that you have the right bow

If you just pick a random compound bow, you will most likely not shoot as well. When you are buying a bow, you need to make sure that it fits your body and your goals. For example, if you want to shoot at 60 pounds, you need to get a 50-60 pound bow. When you try out your bow you want to make sure it feels good in your hands.

2. Get the right bowstring accessories for distance

A bow should be accurate, fast and quiet. Yet, when you are looking to shoot distance, there are a few bowstring accessories that make all the difference. There are debates whether moveable sights with a single pin or sights with multiple pins are better. We recommend a single pin. Peep sites are essential accessories for accurate long-distance shooting. While some archers prefer smaller peep sights, others may find that they need larger ones. You can try different sizes and adjustments until you find the right one for you.

3. Get a rangefinder

Rather than relying on your own estimate of the distance between you and your target, having a rangefinder is helpful. These will help you measure distance without having to guess. These tools are especially helpful when you are hunting from a difficult angle, such as on a hillside.

4. Practice makes perfect

It may seem clique, but it’s a clique for a reason. The more you practice, the better your skill will become. Another good tip: practice before hunting season starts. If you practice at least a few months before the season starts, it will greatly improve your performance. If your goal is to shoot further than 40-50 yards, make sure that you practice shooting at those distances. Even if you don’t end up shooting further distances when hunting, the practice will fine-tune your form and give you more confidence.

5. Practice in realistic situations

Not only should you practice hitting targets, but also practice outside in real hunting situations, such as on a mountainside. Hunting often requires running and shooting from difficult angles. Keep yourself in shape and ready for these situations by running and shooting from these angles. The more you practice this, the easier it will be to shoot from random angles that you may need to when you’re hunting.

6. Practice other positions

You don’t have to stay restricted to one shooting position. If you always shoot standing, try kneeling. This may create a more stable position for you to shoot when you’re on a mountainside. The only way to know if this position works well for you is to practice it.

7. Be honest with yourself and your skills

To excel in archery, it takes a great deal of practice. Whether you are new to archery or have been practicing for years, be honest about where you are. Do you need to work on your form, technique, the external conditions, etc.?  Examine each situation when you shoot and evaluate why you missed a target or not. This will help you improve your skill. Challenge yourself to shoot long distance because it will improve your shorter range. Lastly, remember that bowhunting is about getting close to animals, so it’s okay if you don’t shoot as far as you’d like.


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