Making the Most of your archery supplies
05 September 2016

Making The Most Of Your Archery Supplies

If you’re serious about archery, then you’ve probably spent a good amount of time picking out the right equipment, including the type of bow, any bowstrings, along with various accessories you need to use throughout each session, whether you’re just practicing or out hunting. It’s certainly not an inexpensive hobby, which is why you want to protect any big investment you’ve made into archery supplies.

Making the Most of your archery suppliesGetting The Most From Your Archery Supplies

Implying that you’ll need maintenance of any kind should go without saying, but something like a compound bow can malfunction easily if not taken care of. The last place or time you want to have your bow not work properly is out in the bush when you’re on a hunt. These situations can usually be avoided if you take the proper steps and utilize some specific supplies.

Bowstring Quality Matters

Even if you buy a top of the line compound bow, its performance is only going to be as good as the bowstrings you use with it. The way that a bowstring is constructed plays a big part in its quality. Ideally, the bowstrings and cables should be made out of high quality materials manufactured by a company like BCY. Then, the strings should be served and tensioned in such a way that there is equal twist throughout the entire length of the string, and not just in certain areas. If you’re buying bowstrings from a company that specializes in creating them, their quality of work should be apparent. The company should have a great system of checking for quality and making sure that there is no serving separation or peep rotation. All of this lends itself towards improving the performance of your bow.


Keep The Bowstring Intact

After you’ve spent time finding the right bowstrings, you need to think about maintaining their quality over time. If you’re out there every single day practicing, overuse might not be something you can avoid. However, there are a few items that can help keep the strength of the string intact. For example, bowstring wax, which is available in a few different forms, is one of the best ways to increase any bowstring durability. Every single stretch and release of bow strings vibrates the fibers intensely, which is what begins to show wear and tear over time. You’ll begin to notice small frays here and there, which almost looks like little hairs on the bowstring itself. By applying a generous amount of wax and rubbing it in, you’re doing your part to help keep every single fiber joined together, which helps prevent fraying, ultimately leading towards a longer lifespan.

Find Accessories That Fit Your Lifestyle

Everyone arches for different reasons, whether it’s hunting, competitively, as a hobby, or just the occasional weekend activity. Different accessories can help make your experience more enjoyable depending on what you do. For example, any hunter out there should be investing in not only items like silencers (which dampen the ‘twang’ sound of a bowstring), but also peep sights or kisser to help enhance their accuracy. Having a full range of archery supplies at your disposal will prepare you for any situation.

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