Archery supplies laying on the ground
25 September 2016

Archery Supplies You Can’t Go Without

Archery supplies laying on the groundMust Own Archery Supplies

The equipment that an archer uses goes a long way towards defining the type of experience they have. Even if they have a really great bow, there are a number of other supplies that need to be kept on hand, regardless of the activity.

Extra Bowstrings

Imagine yourself in the following scenario: you’re out on a hunting trip, miles from civilization, really in the thick of it all. Up in a perch, you have a great view of everything around you, and finally, after hours of waiting, the type of game you’re hunting comes into range. As you ready your bow and pull back, there’s a sudden snapping noise. Your string has broken, rendering your bow completely useless.

There probably isn’t a worse time to not have a replacement bowstring available, especially if you’re up in a perch. If it’s winter, you really need to plan accordingly, since consistent exposure to cold weather will impact the effectiveness of any strings. Having extra strings that match your bow type is going to be a huge relief in case you ever do find yourself in that scenario. If you’re going out with a larger group, make sure each person has a replacement set that’s applicable to their bow. There are going to be differences based on model type and bow size, so you can’t depend on someone else having the appropriate replacement for your bowstring if something goes south.

Means Of Improving Accuracy

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned archer, you should always be looking for ways to improve your accuracy in the wild or on the range. There are a couple of different accessories that can be used to help the user improve their accuracy. One of the most common supplies you’ll see people using is what’s known as a peep sight. As the name implies, the item works in conjunction with your bow during pull back, and gives you a hole to look through (the sight) as a way to line up your target. Having a constant view of the front sight means you’ll have a better idea of where the shot will eventually land. Kissers are also great accessories available at low costs which help improve consistency. You’ll be able to establish an ideal drawback distance, since the kisser will be on your cheek when the bowstring is back far enough (hence the name). This means the amount of power you have in your shot will be similar each time, allowing you to aim freely.


If you’re trying to transition into hunting, one of the biggest adjustments that people struggle with when shooting off range is having a good idea of distances. At the range, you have a set distance that you’re firing at, and you know where to aim and how far to drawback. When you’re in the woods, those distances become muddled, and you might have a difficult time making accurate shots. With a rangefinder, you can gauge different distances from a perch, and create markers for yourself so you know how far 10, 20, 30 yards, etc, looks like from your location. All of this lends itself to a better experience because you choice to invest in quality archery supplies.  

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