4 Color Custom Compound Bowstring Only

4 Color Custom Compound Bowstring Only


ProLine Bowstrings are custom built using BCY materials; offered in 55 different string colors and 31 different serving colors. All pieces are measured to factory spec / customers specified length. Each piece is served with 3D or Halo end servings & BCY Powergrip Centers. Each piece is pre-stretched eliminating creep & rotation. Every piece comes with a 1 year warranty.

Strings in length 70+ are considered “One Cam Bowstrings” & strings in length under 69″ are considered “Two Cam Bowstrings”

This product gives you 4 equal colors twisted.

ProLine Bowstrings does not install any type of speed device on the strings such as Speed Nocks, Nitro Buttons, String Sleeves etc.

Your bow information plays an important role in making sure the correct item is issued to you. Please be sure to complete all fields requested.

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